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Learning Lisp…

by Alex on 11:49, under Diverse

Do you know any programmers that exhibit these personality traits…?

I’ve been observing an unusual programmer friend of mine for some time now. (Yeah… a “friend”, that’s it….) He has such a strange combination of potential and incompetence that its hard to tell if he is just lazy or if he has a “light” form of autism or some other disorder. I try to avoid “easy” pop-psychology terms when discussing him, but try to be as specific as possible when listing his qualities:* Inability to absorb too many details verbally. Extreme learn-by-doing and learn-by-example learning style. If in a class situation, tends to need to engage somehow by asking questions and relating material back to other experiences– seen as disruptive by “normal” people. If asked to work on something concurrently with the lecture, will focus so much on the task at hand that he won’t catch additional instructions that were not presented in the main– and he’ll often ask the exact question that the teacher just answered.

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